Friday, May 27, 2011

End campaigns

Why tax cuts for the rich? Why bailouts for banks? Who do you think elected the people who voted for these things?

When you vote you don't vote for the candidate of your choice. You vote for the people and companies who funded their campaign.  As long as we continue to have elections there will ALWAYS be a true lack of representation for ALL Americans.  
Campaigns cost obscene amounts of money. That money is coming from corporations and people who expect something in return. The rest of us are left with no voice.

No matter how sincere about representing all people a candidate may be when they first start to run for office they will end up answering to the biggest contributors. They are a handful of exceptions. Representatives who will not sell out and will not be swayed by big money influence. We need more of them but under our present system it's unlikely we will get them. 
When there's no more need to spend millions to run TV ads every five minutes then we will have a fair playing ground and representatives will no longer be for sale.  
So, no more elections!  Fill all political offices the same way we pick people for jury duty.